2019 Conference

Our 2019 USCR Leadership Conference will be at Unity Village, MO, from October 14, 2019 (LUT Day) until October 17, 2019.

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Empowering NEW Thought: The Changing Paradigms of Ministry


Dr. Roger Teel

Meet Dr. Roger Teel…a life-transforming speaker, a gifted community builder, and a global spiritual leader. Known for his unique blend of storytelling, humor, and practical spirituality, Dr. Roger’s inspirational messages empower people to dynamically live their limitless potential.

Beginning in 1993 and until his retirement earlier this year, Roger served as Senior Minster at Mile Hi Church in Denver, Co. The church thrived under Dr. Roger’s leadership, becoming the premier New Thought spiritual community. Dr. Roger’s Sunday messages have been broadcast worldwide, shining a light of transformational power throughout the world. Read More…

featured workshops

Waking Up, In Community - using the Enneagram as a map for community-based spiritual awakening

Join Rev. Nhien, J.D. to explore how the ancient tool of sacred psychology known as the Enneagram, when coupled with spiritual practice in small-group settings, can further our psychological growth and spiritual awakening. In this 2-part workshop, we’ll begin by learning about the nine personality types mapped by the Enneagram and we’ll explore how contemplative practices can support each of us in shifting from personality to individuality. 

Prayer to Action: A Unity model for engaging conscious social action

Join Rev. Jacquie Fernandez for a conversation as she presents a ministry model and workbook for leading congregations in a process of taking the ideals of love, equality, inclusion, and peace from the realm of consciousness to the realm of expression. The workbook is designed to process barriers, strengths, passions, and intentions to create a unique and practical plan of spiritual action.

Creative I AM - an Interactive Arts Ministry Experience

Join Rev. Jeniffer Hutchins for an interactive workshop held in the Unity Arts Ministry studio at Unity Village. Explore the benefits of adding expressive arts activities to your spiritual practice. Take home ideas for simple creative projects to help facilitate self-expression, growth and discovery in your ministry. No prior artistic experience required. Creativity is your birthright! 


  • October 14, 2019: LUT Day

  • October 15–17: 2019 USCR Leadership Conference


Monday, October 14 - LUT Day - Follow Your Light

8:30 am Consenting to the Presence of God with Rev. Annette Olson, Unity of Fayetteville, AR

Join me as we begin our LUT day together with much needed Self-Loving Care time.  We will visit our meditation and prayer practices with renewed intention and commitment. Our time together will include a bit of music, prayer practice, meditation, and communication. We will share our personal spiritual practices that make us better able to serve both self and others in healthy and mindful ways. I look forward to seeing you there.

10:30 am Experience – Our Greatest Teacher with Rev. Sandra Campbell, Associate Minister Unity Temple on the Plaza and Executive Director at Unity Urban Ministerial School

It is said that the best way to learn a thing is to teach it. Life itself is a teacher and Unity is a classroom. During our time together, we will focus on ways to turn our life experiences into lessons that encourage and inspire growth and development for both self and others.

“When you learn teach; when you get, give.” – Maya Angelou 

Noon - 1 p.m. Lunch provided

1:30 pm Developing Unity Leaders. Rev. Lynn O’Dell, Credentialing Coordinator, UWM

We will explore both developments and outcomes in UWSI’s spiritual education programs designed to support your spiritual potential and to enhance your sense of purpose and fulfillment. You may already know that your ultimate goal is the credentialing path to become a Licensed Unity Teacher or you may be at the beginning of taking classes for spiritual enrichment. Join us to learn more about the exciting adventure that lies ahead for you as a Unity leader. 

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Ethics and Diversity Training with Rev. Toni G. Boehm, PhD

In harmony with Unity Worldwide Ministries Ethics Policy, this Code of Ethics applies to the following:  All credentialed leaders: o Licensed or ordained Unity ministers o Licensed Unity teachers  All non-credentialed leaders serving in the capacity of a credentialed Unity leader  All ministerial candidates from all affiliated Unity schools  All member ministries and expansion ministries: Including but not limited to members of decision making bodies (board of trustees/directors, leadership councils, etc) individually or collectively  All members of the UWM board of trustees  All UWM staff members  All individuals certified to serve as consultants to our ministries  All members of UWM Ministry Teams Introduction and Intention Foundational to Unity’s principles and teachings is the belief that we are individualized expressions of God. This calls us, as Unity leaders to live from our Christ nature in all circumstances thereby being a harmonizing presence and a role model for those we serve. Because of this, it is our intention to be accountable to a high level of professional ethics. Our Code of Ethics articulates a vision of ethical behavior grounded in our beliefs and teachings. Its purpose is to provide guidelines for behavior that is both ethical and authentic, and encourages us to give full expression to our Christ nature.

  5 p.m. Registration Open

  7 p.m. Welcome Ceremony - 

Drumming Circle with Ryan Anderson: The Spirit Drummer

Tuesday, October 15

  9 - 10 a.m. Welcome/Connection Time

Music by Victor Dougherty

10–Noon Business Meeting

   Noon –1 p.m. Lunch at Unity Inn

2:30 - 5 p.m. Tools for Challenging Times

Roundtable Discussion

5-6 p.m. Dinner at Unity Inn

6–9 p.m. Free Time

Wednesday, October 16

9–Noon Music by Steve Epley of Unity Village Chapel followed by Keynote Speaker, Dr. Roger Teel

Noon –1 p.m. Lunch at Unity Inn

2-5 p.m. Unity Worldwide Ministries Speakers

   5 - 6 p.m. Unity World Headquarters hosting a welcome reception

   6 - 9 p.m. Banquet at Unity Inn

Cash bar, music by Summer Osborne

Thursday, October 17

9 a.m. – Noon Music by Julia Othmer followed by our Featured Workshops

   Noon - 1 p.m. Closing Ceremony

Music by Holly Taylor


Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center:

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  • Breakfast is included in the Unity Village Hotel and Conference Center room charge.

  • Also included:

    • Tuesday: Lunch and dinner

    • Wednesday: Lunch and evening banquet


Registration is open as per June 19, 2019. Follow this link to register.

Registration Fees:  

$395 – Registration price after Sept. 15, 2019 - full registration includes banquet & meal plan

$100 – One day registration

$30 – Banquet only (for spouse or plus one)

$75 – LUT Day