Judicatory Representation

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Rev. Sondra Von Gyllenband

The Unity South Central Region (USCR) is represented at Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) by a USCR-board-appointed judicatory representative. Our current judicatory representative is
Rev. Sondra Von Gyllenband.

The judicatory representative’s duties at USCR include:

  • advising and consulting with affected ministries, ministers, and ministry leaderships regarding ethical conflicts, concerns, challenges, and violations;

  • developing a strategy as to a mutually-accepted resolution of any conflict, concern, challenge, or violation;

  • representing affected ministries, ministers, ministry leaderships at the UWM ethical review board;

  • supporting ministries, ministries, and ministry leaderships by applying peace-making and other mediation skills in the interest of the ministry, its leadership, and the congregation.

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