Ministry Support

The Unity South Central Region (USCR) offers ministry support via Unity Worldwide Ministries; (UWMs) accredited ministry consultants. Such support includes

  • transitional services, such as

    • a healthy process of finding a new ministers after the current minister retires, has resigned, or was asked to resign.

    • providing support during the transition period that may be filled with internal conflicts and disagreements

  • board and leadership training, such as

    • creating community-supported vision, mission, and core values

    • developing spiritual and emotional leadership maturity

  • peace-making skills, such as

    • transforming conflict into opportunities

    • moving past self-limiting conversations

Costs Involved

There are three major components involved in the cost of hiring a ministry consultant:

  1. Expenses for travel and accommodation are provided by USCR.

    • Travel usually involves a flight from the ministry consultant’s place of home or business to the ministry.

    • Accommodation should be arranged for the day before as well as the day after the services are rendered.

  2. Honorarium for the ministry consultant

    • Our UWM-accredited ministry consultants are self-employed and therefore cover their own expenses such as food, amenities, preparation, healthcare, etc.

    • The current recommended compensation per day is $600+, giving the ministry an opportunity to share more of their wealth if able and appropriate.

  3. Cost of materials, venues, beverages, lunch, etc.

    • The ministry is expected to cover all cost of materials (copies, binders, etc.) as well as providing appropriate venues to conduct the training.

    • It is also recommended to provide beverages (coffee, tea, water) throughout the training while offering a lunch option (paid, unpaid, love offering).

USCR Financial Support

USCR supports member ministries who cannot afford to hire a ministry consultant by providing travel, accommodations, and supplemental honorarium assistance.


  • The ministry must be located within the USCR region.

  • The ministry must currently support or must have actively supported USCR in the past.

  • The senior or lead ministry, spiritual leader, or ministry consolation under special dispensation must be in good standing with UWM.

USCR is committed to support all ministries in need of training and any other valuable skill our ministry consultants have to offer. We encourage any ministry to reach out and apply even if not all the boxes are checked.

Meet Our Ministry Consultants

Our ministry consultants are UWM-approved and trained, following a UWM-developed training program and serving tirelessly our ministries.

Contact Our Ministry Consultants

Via email:

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Toni Boehm.jpg

Rev. Dr. Toni Boehm

Rev. Toni G. Boehm, comes to us a 25 year member of our region through her alternative ministry, Awakening Awareness Ministry, and as one who has been involved in Unity for nearly 40 years. Her commitment and passion to sacred service in Unity is unquestioned, and she continues in this consciousness as she brings her skills and talents to USCR. For over 20 years Toni served as the dean, Unity School of Religious Studies and then Vice President, Unity Institute. The richness of Unity culture is embedded in her “soul,” along with the realities of future possibilities.

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