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Rev. Sondra von Gyllenband
(Judicatory Representative)

Rev. Sondra began her Unity journey in the Virgin Islands where she studied with a few other members of a book group. Later moving to Texas, Sondra became involved at Unity of Austin. She became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 1990. She taught classes at Unity of Austin and spoke at small churches around Texas.

Sondra became the Spiritual Leader of Unity of San Marcos where she served for about 13 years. While there Sondra entered and completed the Field Licensing Program. She was ordained in 2004. Called to Beaumont in 2007, she is now Minister Emeritus at Unity of Southeast Texas. She has served on the USC Regional Board, Field Licensing Policy Team, and as a FLP mentor. Her studies include Be Peace, Peacekeeping, Being Coach, and You and Money.