Dr. Nancy Little

LUT Representation

The Unity South Central Region (USCR) is represented at Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) by a USCR-membership-elected LUT representative. Our current LUT representative is Dr. Nancy Little of Unity Spirit of Aloha.

The LUT representative’s duties at USCR include

  • Provides information and support for those in our region who are seeking to become Licensed Unity Teachers.

  • Acts as the liaison between the Unity South Central Region board of trustees and the Licensed Unity Teachers in our region.

  • Organizes, promotes and facilitates, in concert with the board of trustees, an annual LUT Day in conjunction with our Annual Leadership Conference.

  • Represents the interest of Licensed Unity Teachers in our region on matters that are under the purview of the board of trustees.

  • Helps to keep Licensed Unity Teacher in our region informed of Unity Worldwide Ministry policy changes that affect them.

Contact Your LUT Representative

Via email: lutrepresentative@unitysouthcentral.org

Via contact form:

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